Nathan McBride 

Photos by Carley and Sam Sengoll

Hi my name is Nathan McBride. I first want to thank you for visiting my site. Im a filmmaker from Texas that's going to school in Arizona at GCU. My passion is making films and commercials that are visually stunning and communicates a message. I love meeting new people and getting behind what they believe in and helping them achieve their goals. 

If your considering hiring me and seeking to know what my qualifications are or wondering why you would hire a student that just graduated high school well here is why: To begin I would communicate that i do this job because i love it and its what I'm made for, this results in my perfectionist tendencies coming out on any project that I work on. By the time that I finish any project, I throughly believe in the company, the product, or the people that I work with and I will work extremely hard to give you a video that you really fall in love with.

Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Co-Produced and full length commercial for Artlima's new website PLEZIVI 

Filmed about 5 wedding videos and edited 2 full length wedding films

Worked with Hillcrest Hospital multiple times to produce testimony videos

Worked with D-MAK Production in Phoenix Arizona  

Worked with Drive Media House in Cincinnati Ohio as an Editor and Camera operator

Won National Award for Team Video Production for BPA 

Won 1st Place award at the Heart of Texas video competition 

Edited internal videos for Coke 

Worked with Fullwrite Creative

Made multiple sporting hype videos for Midway ISD along with other administration videos 




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